95+ Best Diamond Tattoo Designs For Men & Women

Geometrical tattoo designs like diamond tattoos are often used since historical times to symbolize elegance, wealth and power.  The diamond has a special place in the hearts of people and is often used by people in India and Asian countries to show the power of the nobility.

So if you wish to get a geometrical design don, just shut your eyes and get a diamond tattoo.

What does diamond Tattoos Represent?

A diamond tattoo is known to symbolize, beauty, power, wealth and elegance. It was often used by Egyptians to symbolize their health and in the renaissance to symbolize power and birthstones and gems. Moreover, it is used today to symbolize everlasting love and promises to people. This was often used by hippies to represent their everlasting promises to people.

Best Diamond Tattoo Designs (2020) & Meanings:

1. Small Black Diamond Tattoo

Small black diamond tattoo design symbolizes power and wealth. So if you feel you are wealthy but not wealthy enough, yet powerful, get a small black diamond tattoo design on you.

2. Melting Diamond Tattoo

If you wish to portray your passion and desire for your goals, this is the perfect tattoo design for you. The melting diamond tattoo symbolises of lost love. So if you wish to show your eternal love, promises, loyalty, and desire for lost love, do and get a melting diamond tattoo design on you.

3. Winged Diamond Tattoo

Winged diamond tattoo designs often symbolize of power in wealth along with economic advantage over others. It also helps to symbolize angelic traits like lack of greed, empathy for others along with freedom and independence along with the mystery. No wonder the wings are an enigma with the diamond tattoo. So if you wish to show the world your economic power and your lack of greed, get the winged diamond tattoo.

4. Diamond and Flower/Rose Tattoo

These are the most creative of all diamond tattoos and preferred by females over the male population. This diamond tattoo is very beautiful and is used to symbolise everlasting beauty and love for people. So if you wish to dedicate a diamond tattoo for your beloved, it is time to get a diamond tattoo with a flower or rose design.

5. Diamond in box tattoo

Diamond in box tattoo design symbolises wealth and affluence of a person. This is especially found in the shoulder of ladies who wish to flaunt their power in society due to their economic status. So if you wish to show your power and affluence, get that diamond tattoo in the box design.

6. Diamond Leg Tattoo With Gleaming Rays

Diamond leg tattoo with gleaming rays denotes treasure and wealth. This diamond tattoo never fails to prove that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” when it comes to gemstones. So, if you wish to show off, your treasures and power of wealth, opt for that diamond leg tattoo with gleaming rays design to show off that flawless creativity in you.

7. Diamond tattoo with Crown

Diamond tattoo with crown design symbolises of purity, power, and royalty with affluence in society. If you feel as elegant as those royal family members and wish to show off your power and wealth in the community, get that diamond tattoo with a crown on you.

8. Diamond Tattoo with words

This diamond tattoo is often preferred by people who do not wish to be misunderstood in society. So, if you wish for a traditional diamond tattoo design, getting a diamond tattoo with words is an excellent idea. So, if you are often misjudged, and do not wish to be underestimated or misunderstood anymore by people, get this diamond tattoo with words design done now.

Best Diamond Tattoo Designs For Men:

Men usually prefer to get a melting diamond tattoo or even a blue diamond or black diamond tattoo onto themselves. The best place for males to get the diamond tattoo design done is the shoulder, shoulder blade, upper arm, biceps, foot, and chest area.

Best Diamond Tattoo Designs For Women:

Best Places to Have Diamond Tattoo: Men & Women

Women prefer to get a diamond tattoo with ribbon, or even a black diamond tattoo, a diamond tattoo with box, or gleaming rays, or even one with a cupcake done. A female can get a diamond tattoo done on her inner wrist, ear, shoulder, shoulder back, back or ankles to show off her power and affluence in society.

1. On Your Hands

2. On Your Back

3. On Your Shoulders

4. On Your Chest:

5. On Your Leg:

So feel no inhibition in getting an amazing diamond tattoo design done on your body. Go to a reputed tattoo parlor or buy those temporary tattoo stickers immediately and get ready to get that amazing diamond tattoo on your body right now.

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