45+ Finger Tattoo Designs in 2020 – Latest For Men & Women

Are you thinking about where to draw your favorite tattoo design? Then, let us tell your fingers are the sweetest place to have a tattoo. However, there are many challenges to wear this finger tattoo. Apart from this, it is a beautiful piece of art that is highly versatile and you can make it on your finger top. Moreover, if you want to carry a unique personality then you can place it between two fingers.

Everything is great here, but these tattoos do not sustain for a long time and fade away eventually. However, we are going to display the importance of this tattoo and differentiate them according to their design.

Different Types of Finger Tattoos:

It is usually seen that people have allowed a number of finger tattoos to demonstrate their own style sense. We can also notice many people do matching tattoos with their close friends. However, if you want to get your first tattoo then you can start it with a small one and can watermark your favorite memory or any special date for a lifetime. According to these personal milestones and memories, finger tattoos are categorized-

1. Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos

Are you looking for a unique wedding tradition? Then, no need to look around and can fabricate the ring tattoo to make it more interesting. We can see many youngsters want something really unique than the conventional wedding ceremony. Therefore, this permanent ink design could make a beautiful alternative to getting a wedding ring. There are a number of wedding couples who saved their money (average $5,300 for an engagement ring) by replacing the engagement ring with a finger tattoo.

2. Feather Finger Tattoos

This is one of the most desirable and demanding finger tattoo design which has its own deep symbol and cultural heritage. These tattoos are originates from a very rich background with its meaning and it forms different designs, looks, and textures. It is basically defined as a bird character which was plucked from the base. These feather tattoos hold a different type of tattoo element which basically portrays any symbol meaning like the capacity of flight, either spiritually, creatively and emotionally.

3. Zodiac Sign Finger Tattoos

If you have a great interest over astrology or horoscope, then it would be a proper choice for you to have it as a finger tattoo. Moreover, if you feel personal association with your astrological sign or you get any simple interest over it, then you can draw this zodiac sign finger tattoo. It may appear as a simple one, but it definitely carries out a deeper meaning of symbolism. Throughout these tattoo designs, you might choose any flower or animal which is associated with constellation.

This is not the end! You can also have choices of –

4. Diamond Finger Tattoo

This is one of the most contemporary tattoo designs which can be seen in both men and women’s finger. You can find it by itself and also can get it as a pair that featured a number of elements and symbols. It looks classy for both large and small scale level tattoo designs.

5. One-Word Tattoos

This can be the best kind of finger-tattoo which tends to snatch lots of souls and hearts into just one single word. It looks pretty simple but it also allows the wearer to convey their bold statement to the world. You can express a wide range of thoughts through this single word tattoo.

Importance of Finger Tattoos

In terms of body ink, finger tattoos are achieving popularity and this is because of its sweet and small designs, express meaningful messages. It can really suit your personality and if you want to get cool artwork, then you can surely draw on your hands. This is the reason why celebrities are doing finger tattoos to express their style sense and deeper expression to the entire world. It is often you can hear that sweetest types of ink are a small piece of ink.

Ideal Placement of Finger Tattoos:

Hey, before you’re going to do a finger tattoo, you must know that it hurts a lot because your digits are compiled with different nerves and moreover, the skin is placed right on top of knuckle and bone. Therefore, there is hardly any fat or muscle which can lessen the pain of needle entering. In fact, this tattoo hurt the most than other designs of tattoos and many times a person’s fingers respond differently. Therefore, if you can survive the pain then you can go for this tattoo. However, this finger is the coolest and attractive part of the body which always remains active.

Ideal Placement of Finger Tattoos For Boys:

Ideal Placement of Finger Tattoos For Girls:

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