75+ Best Octopus Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

While it is common to refer to a group of the pulp as ‘ octopi, ‘ the real plural is pulp, or the Greek variant, pulp. Eight legs are intended by the name itself. These are the most intelligent invertebrates, using their tentacles to communicate and exploit resources with the world around them. When their color-changing abilities do not cut they will squeeze into secret spaces with two inches of entrances. They will pick up and use objects as shield-like coconut shells or pots. Mainly the tattoo of Octopus symbolizes intelligence as well as the fast and rapid speed of work. Also, it represents strength, motion, flexibility, and adaptability.

Octopus Tattoo – Meanings & Importance

There are some stories and symbolism besides the Octopus tattoo. The octopus is a king of illusion with its color-changing capabilities and inky escape system! Those who associate with pulp are masters of deception, and they can control how others think of themselves. Generally, they have a special power of manipulation over others. Of reality, the symbolism of Octopus goes much deeper than that. Let’s see this interesting animal’s other interpretations!

Spiritual Meaning of Octopus in the Early Christian era

As a totem animal, it symbolizes the characteristics of change. It is pure, emotional, psychic, and artistic prowess. According to the different myths of Rome and Greece, It guides you to go through a constantly changing world and allows adapting to the changes and accepting the challenges of life.

Concept of Octopus, in Christian Mythology

According to the Bible, the sea was restored to the spirits of spiritual warfare after the original sin was committed by the pioneer Adam and Eve. The water spirits have all kinds of forms and listen to their princes ‘ demands. In Christian belief, the spirit of Octopus is a devil that sticks to the mind and prevents knowledge of salvation from entering its host. This clouds their minds and makes turning them from their wicked ways very difficult because their tentacle suckers cling to their soul.

Not all Christians believe in this fact today. We think almost 80% of Christ-believers have no idea about this spiritual warfare. All the tattoos are personal in this century, but somebody who already knows about this story may have been tattooed to demonstrate their victory in their life over a dark time.

Octopus meaning in Japan

Octopuses are known to have a special place in the heart of the Japanese heart. It all started when Princess Tamatori and her husband were searching for a lost pearl on the sea. Tamatori dives down at the bottom of the sea to the Dragon Palace and picks up the pearl. She runs away from all kinds of sea creatures especially Octopus and finally cuts open her chest to a place that pearls then she can swim and escape faster. After reaches the shore, she died from her wound. The designs of octopus in Japan are less about symbolism and more about physical characteristics. The tattoo doesn’t have so many erotic ideas, despite what the internet has said to us.

Different types of Octopus Tattoos in Different Cultures:

The octopus tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in recent times. Many people prefer this tattoo with its powerful imagery and symbolic meaning. Besides, the tattoo offers the artist great flexibility, making the design a favorite among studios as well as independent artists.

Octopus and Anchor:

An octopus is a representation of information and knowledge. On the other hand, an anchor is a solid foundation. The combination of the two is a down-to-earth philosophy of life. An octopus and anchor tattoo indicates that its wearer thinks twice about their acts and is a trustworthy source of knowledge.

Octopus tattoos in tribal concept:

Tribal tattoos on Octopus are one of the most common tattoo types. A perfect combination of octopus in tribal tattoos is a special match. The tattoo style pays a special tribute with its black and textured look to the rich culture and tradition of the Polynesians.

Best Place to Have Octopus Tattoo on Your Body:

Being its odd shape an octopus tattoo can easily fit in any location of your body parts.

  • The flexible tentacles can be a cute design in your wrist.
  • The ideal place of this tattoo is the back. You can apply different themes, designs, colors which will look great.
  • If you want to make it on your legs, then it also fits flexibly.
  • For women candidates, the Octopus tattoo is best to fit in their neck and wrists.

1. Octopus tattoo On your Chest:

2. Octopus tattoo On Your Back:

3. Octopus Tattoo On Hand:

4. Octopus Tattoo On Your Shoulders:

5. Octopus Tattoo On Your Legs:

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