40+ Raven Tattoos in 2020 – Latest Designs for Men & Women

Do you want to look unique among your group? Then, an interesting tattoo can solve your issue. However, whenever we think about an interesting and distinctive tattoo theme, one tattoo theme that bangs our mind is the theme of a raven tattoo. It has its own significance which symbolizes traits of the raven. Here, you can see many themes blended with this tattoo which transcends its meaning to another deep level.

We are going to discuss different origins and cultures of raven tattoo and we will also convey their importance. Moreover, you can know the ideal place of this tattoo theme where you can draw one of these tattoos.

Importance of Raven Tattoo:

In this field of tattoo designs, raven tattoos have immense importance whether it has some common associations like-

  • Magic, it has a Pagan look and its usual darkness suggest some otherworldly mystic association.
  • Protection, as they observe overall events.
  • Secrets and Future, as it is considered that ‘raven’s eye’ can offer a person one kind of omniscience.
  • Death, it is basically attributed to an Omen, not as the reason for death.
  • Light & Shadows, whether Native Americans faith on ravens and they believe that light was brought by them. Furthermore, according to psychology ravens are contemplated as an agent of unconsciousness and unknown sides.
  • Inner Self- world famous German Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, dedicate ravens as a part of human psyches which we commonly avoid.
  • War- their arrivals really sign of war as they arrive after the battle to clean up dead bodies.
  • Misery or Pain- it may be regarded for their relation with war and death.
  • Memory and Prophecy- they are considered as shadows of everyone and past events. They also have an all-seeing stance.
  • Wisdom- is very obvious one that they are the most intelligent bird.
  • Thought- they are able to draw our attention to dark memories and unconscious thoughts.

These are the different interpretations of this tattoo theme, but they also have something more elevated importance when its draw as a tattoo on our body. However, all these come from different cultures and mythologies.

Origin of Raven Tattoo:

In modern and ancient both literature, we can commonly hear the name of a raven. However, it is important to know that the raven was a dark character that is associated with death. Hey, let’s come together to explore its different meanings in different cultures-

1. Christian Mythology

According to the Bible, a raven was the first bird. Moreover, we can also see in ‘Noah’s Ark’, a raven was released by Noah after the flood to ensure the water has moved away. This is not the end! According to Moses Law, eating ravens are forbidden.

2. Muslim Mythology

A raven was there in ‘Cain and Abel’ according to the Quran’s story, who taught Cain how to bury his brother.

3. Greek and Roman Mythology

We can get a link to a raven in Apollo and Athena. Moreover, when it flies high in the sky, it has dedicated of the sun and wisdom.

4. Norse Mythology

In ‘Viking’, Odin is suggested as “Raven-GOD”, as we can have a relation with Huginn (Old Norse word for “thought”) and Munin (“memory”). These are the names of two ravens that rest on his shoulders. These two ravens collect information throughout the world and whisper to Odin. Moreover, we can also have seen Geri and Freki, two familiar wolves. We all know ravens are considered as ‘Wolf-Birds’ whether a symbiotic and friendly relationship can be seen between wolves and ravens.

Not only that! Ravens are also related to the culture of native ‘Celt’ or ‘Kelt’. It is a usual scenario for Celts to war and saw dead bodies are eaten by ravens. Since then, ravens are considered as a sign of war and death.

Best Place to Get a Raven Tattoo:

Raven tattoos are basically formed on a larger place to promote its iconic details, which can be included in a single feather. Therefore, chest, back, shoulder, arm. Sleeve, forearm are the ideal spot to architect these designs. However, you may get it in a small place with fewer details. Black ink is an ideal ink for a raven tattoo, but you may put purple and blue colors into it.

Best Place to Get a Raven Tattoo For Men:

Best Place to Get a Raven Tattoo For Women:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q 1.) What is the basic difference between a Raven and a Crow Tattoo?

Ans: We often get confused about how to distinguish crow and raven tattoos, therefore, you need to differentiate it on the basis of their beak, wings, and neck and tail feathers.

Q 2.) Which birds are mistaken for Ravens?

Ans: Ravens are quite often mistaken with other kinds of black birds whether you can see grackles, crows and starlings.

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