110+ Best Tiger Tattoos 2020 – Amazing Designs for Men & Women

Are you eagerly waiting to get yourself inked with a Tiger Tattoo? Are you in real search to know the reason for doing a Tiger tattoo?? Do you try to express your feelings beyond words and actions? If these are your fundamental queries related to doing a Tattoo, then we have arranged a solution that will answer all your dilemmas. Nowadays a tiger tattoo is no longer a mere fashion statement for anyone.

Tiger tattoo has got many important and significance aspects from a historical point of view.  Tiger tattoos are also considered as “More to Eyes”, as a tiger is always vowed down by all other animals except lions.

Types of Tiger Tattoos & Significance:

Before taking yourself to any further extent, you should know about the purpose and real interpretation of doing a Tiger tattoo. Each and every design of doing a tiger tattoo has got individual reasons and aspects. Let us draw our attention to the different aspects of inking a tiger tattoo on your body.

  • According to traditional tribal’s, they used to worship Tiger as a “God of the animal kingdom”. Ferocious and confident beast, who can overcome any difficulties. Different tribal opinions have contributed to different aspects of symbolizing a tiger. But the basic line of each of them remains focused on the calmness of this wild beast and about how passionate this animal is towards hunting. So the implication of this historical interpretation is that, if you are passionate enough about achieving your aim you can go ahead with inking a tiger tattoo.
  • Even if we consider the real Indian tradition of myths, the tiger has been a symbolic representation of unimaginable destruction. Most people who want to overcome the depression of destruction, who are really suffering from chronic depression can use the tiger as a tattoo to distract their minds and get a new life with the same type of calmness that a Tiger has while hunting a deer.
  • According to Chinese fable, where Tigers are considered as “Protectors of the dead”. Supposedly, if you want to protect the soul of your close ones who has expired and you wish their soul to rest in peace. You can adopt this Chinese way of explaining a Tiger Tattoo.
  • According to the Vedic rules, a tiger comes with many aspects like brute strength, nobility, royalty, and energy. The energy in this form is more heated and considered as “Solar totem”. A tattoo is all about believing in yourself, and if you want a tiger mark on your body that serves your intention of royalty power and nobility, then it is a correct choice to make.
  • “A tiger’s Eye”, according to early Egyptian culture the eye of a tiger symbolizes focus, determination, and patience. If you are impatient and you cannot wait for the right time to come, then you can choose a tiger eyes inked in your body forever. This will help you to achieve your aim, with constant determination.

The origin for an efficient Tiger Tattoo:

Tattoos can define your personality to everyone. It is related to your mentality and the way you try to see the world. A Tiger is always considered best for his personality.

  • If you want to express your desire, you can also add color to a tiger tattoo. If you want to overcome complexities that you have in your mind, add colors to your Tiger tattoo.
  • Always remember to figure it out in the right way, to express what your inner mind wants. Another most important aspect of expressing a tiger tattoo is the position of your body where you are planning to ink it.

We have seen people doing a tiger tattoo on their chest. We have also seen a small tattoo of person inked on their wrist. Although, this is not at all any mandatory position this shows you that different people have different perspectives.

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Design of Custom Service of Doing a Tiger Tattoo:

Before going to any tattoo artist, you should have made a basic design of a tiger tattoo that you want to have. You can add shape, size, and shape. Just do a rough drawing and let your mind speak through your hands. As a dedicated tattoo lover, you should stand in front of a mirror and try our position, where you want to get inked. While approaching any tattoo artist for making a tiger tattoo, you should carry that rough drawing to make it easy for the artist, as well as it will allow him to know what your mind exactly wants.

Best Place to Get a Tiger Tattoo For Men:

Tiger Tattoo on Men Righ Half Sleeve:

Tiger Tattoo on Men Hands:

Tiger Tattoo on Men Chest:

Tiger Tattoo Best Designs For Men:

Best Place to Get a Tiger Tattoo For Women:

Small Tiger Tattoo on Women Hands & Fingers:

Tiger Tattoo on Women Shoulders:

Tiger Tattoo on Women Sleeves:

Chinese Tiger Tattoo For Women:



Tiger Tattoo Best Designs For Women:

Awesome Tiger Tattoo Designs For Men & Women:

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