60+ Best Watercolor Tattoo Designs For Men & Women

Do you want to keep stylish and want to get modify yourself? Then, let us tell you that the watercolor tattoo is one of the best options, as it is suggestive in the last five years in body modification. This style of tattooing is considered as freeform and it will suit you beautifully as it has an ultra-fine quality of original painting procedure.

Therefore, it stands out against a number of tattoo themes, which only promote dark strong lines. These tattoos are attractive enough but it collects many criticisms as it is unable to hold up like other tattoo designs. However, let’s have a discussion on its importance and different categories.

Importance of Watercolor Tattoo

The importance of this particular tattoo theme is far-fetched and it portrays any symbol or image. Therefore, it completely depends upon the individual, as the persons who designed their wishful color theme. However, we may often see some common watercolor tattoos which depict colorful insects and birds.

Significance of Butterfly watercolor tattoo

In these watercolor tattoos, butterflies are the most popular ones which represent the delightfulness of life, metamorphosis, hope, and rebirth. These all are often seen through this colorful watercolor butterfly tattoo design. This is not the end! You can also check out another kind of watercolor butterfly style where a semicolon has been included in the image. It has a significant meaning which delineates support and hope for people who survived suicide.

Abstract Watercolor tattoo art

This is one of the most common items in watercolor tattooing. In its configuration, we can see splash and pattern of colors are deployed to make it a more attractive and admirable one. These tattoos symbolize any certain thoughts, opinions, and feelings. There you can often see many watercolor artists who offer responsibility of choosing their favorite color to their clients. It is because of revealing their actual expression and to bring the most out of it. Moreover, you can see a rainbow of ink showers is applied to display support for LGBT Rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) and to their community.

Different types of Watercolor Tattoo

In the world of watercolor tattoo, there is enough number of styles and designs to make it précising classification. However, for your convenience, we can narrow it down into two major categories. It can be measured as a single distinction with the presence and absence of a black base. Let’s check out these designs elaborately-

1. Watercolor tattoos without a Black Base

The absence of black base in watercolor tattoos is primarily designed to devoid the dark linework. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use black, but it is basically meant to replace the black color with any other color. Therefore, the absence of a black color supremely flourishes a variety of watercolor. These colors can easily melt into your skin and spread over its edges. We can usually see these tattoo designs promote filmy shading whether it is impossible to differentiate their edges.

2. Watercolor Tattoos with a Black Base

Through this type of watercolor tattoos, we can represent that there are some elements of foundational shadow where linework is covered. Different colors are piled up on top of the design to fill up the black lined spaces. However, what is really important in this design is that there is an element that might be considered as a black skeleton. Watercolor tattoos with black base watercolor, exhibit most contrasting effects, which is rather missing in watercolor designs without a black base. However, you can easily distinguish sheer color elements and bold black color elements. Not only that! Black base watercolor does not fade earlier like the only color elements.

Ideal Place for Watercolor Tattoo:

An ideal place of the watercolor tattoo completely depends upon your affordability. There are many people who are restricted to do tattoos in terms of their professional or social circumstances. Therefore, they can do these tattoos which can cover easily and most of this case they design a tattoo around their hip area and on their legs. These tattoos are attractive enough but it collects many criticisms as it is unable to hold up like other tattoo designs.

However, when you get full freedom to do tattoo at whatever place you want, then you should keep in mind that these watercolor tattoos fade faster than other ones. You need to be careful about these watercolor tattoos because these semi-transparent colors and shading styles can age quickly. Therefore, you need to protect it from sunlight and it looks wonderful on the lighter skin to bloom its design appropriately. Therefore, this theme of the tattoo should be placed in un-tanned and covered areas.

Best Watercolor Tattoo Designs For Men:

Best Watercolor Tattoo Designs For Women:

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